Saturday, 11 August 2007


Iraq now is being identified as a "Federal State". There are many countries in the world that adopt the Federal system of ruling, like the USA, Germany and India. Even though Iraq is not as big as those countries, but the new leaders decided that Iraq ( even though it is as big as California) should be a Federal state. Regardless of what the Iraqi constitution states, I'm going to tell you what the Federal system in Iraq really means. I'm going to replace the word (Iraq) with (America), since many of the readers have never been to Iraq, and I will talk about the state (Texas) as an Example, replacing it with (Kurdistan) and not  actual Texas and the United State. So that it will be places that you may relate to.
This State of Texas has its own Flag, Parliament, president,Constitution and Army, which is Called the Guards of the State ( I know that the term used in US is the National Guards). Yet, the state of Texas dose not recognize the Flag of the United States of America, in fact they ban raising the American flag on its territories and the security forces would confiscate the American flag if any one raised it in the"Federal" state of Texas.
There are check points at the boarders of the Federal state of Texas, which would not let fellow Americans into Texas unless some one inside Texas would vouch for them, or they would send back those whom they do not want into the "Federal" State of Texas.
The Texas Federal Parliament makes its own legislation, without going back to the central Federal Government. Like they have their Own Hydrocarbon Law ( Oil and Gas), which deals with the oil and Gas investments and revenues of the oil, while the Federal Constitution, to which the Texan people voted for overwhelmingly, states that the Oil is the property of all the American people (that is the Iraqi People).and it is the Texan who hinder the drafting and Passing of a Federal oil law so that tings stay in a state oh limbo, where they can do what ever they like.  
At Each America Embassy, there is a representation office for the Federal state of Texas Government. Separate from the work of the Embassy and it is in charge of the Affairs of the Texan people and the Texas State Government......... No comment!
The American Government, when it first designed the electricity power network, it decided that the power network should be one National network and that the power plants built in Texas near the oil fields, would supply the other American States like Alaska with power. But then the Texan State Government decided not to supply other American states and leave them without power because what is produced in Texas remains in Texas.
Oh Yah one more thing, the US Army is not allowed to enter the Federal state of Texas before getting the approval of the Texas authorities. And then when they are threatened by another Neighboring country like Mexico, Texas Government would say that you are not threatening Texas but you are threatening the Entire USA. Yes, now they remembered that they are part of the USA when it is convenient. How could the poor Mexicans know that this is an American soil when there is No American flag raised over it and no American Army present there. Do not they have the right to go in till they find a place with an American flag over it to know that this is actually an American territory???
Probably by now, if you are an American, you might feel a bit upset if not outraged. Well, you know that this is not the case in Texas or the USA but it is the Case in the New Federal state of Iraq where some "regions" (not even states) are acting in this manner. And when you argue against this type of federalism, which I could only see it as separation rather than Federalism, they would argue back and say that Federalism is a good system and it is being applied in several countries in the world. Forgive my ignorance is this is how the Federal system really work in your country, if you live in a Sovereign Federal country???!!


Anonymous said...

Al-Rahseed, obviously no it's not how federalism works. I know which "state" inside Iraq to which you are referring. You might be interested to know that that's how it was in the US during the Articles of Confederation. People felt more loyalty to their states than the country as a whole (states even printed their own money!). So, Iraq according to you is a federal state in name only (due to some of the evidence presented). Any thoughts on how to rectify the situation? All the best!

madtom said...

You would think that you might take the opportunity to educate them on the term, and remind them that just calling something "federal" does not make it so.

CMAR II said...

Since the Iraqi Arabs have a long history of marginalizing Kurds and punishing them for acting and speaking Kurdish, I would imagine that it encumbant on the Iraqis outside of Kurdistan to prove to the Kurds that the Kurdish policies are unnecessary.

Furthermore, rather than complain about the way the Kurdish districts control movement into their territories, I'd like to see the Iraqi Arab majority districts take responsibility for their own peace and order as the Kurds have. Then perhaps the Kurds will consider the rest of Iraq to be as valuable to them as the prosperous, orderly Kurdish regions are valuable to the rest of Iraq.

(Incidentally, some people think Texans are not sure whether they are from Texas first or the US. Not so. Texans consider themselves the model that the rest of the U.S. ought to follow. Perhaps there is an analogy there with the Kurds.)

Al-Rasheed said...

Dear CMAR ii,

the Kurds were able to soeack, write and publish in Kurdish in Iraq. they had TV station in Kurdish as well. they had an autonomic rule since 1973, no matter how bad it was but it recogonised them as Kurds ( un like all the other surounding countries).
It happens that I just returned from the So Called Kurdistan couple of Days ago. I was traveling with a Foreign western journalist. the Asaish( Kiudish security) gave me hard time and they were asking me for residency ( even though I'm an Iraqi and supposedly still in Iraq) but they did not asked the Foreign western journalist for his residency. Even though it is my constitutional right to go any where in my country. the constitution that they overwhelmingly said yes to.

berto said...

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Anonymous said...

You forgot to tell that "Texas" have their own languages, religions and history, and that they were living in "Texas" long before the country of "America" ever existed, actually even long before the ethnics of "America" ever existed, and that they have nothing to do with "America" except that they were invaded by Britain and France and their land were given to "American" and 3 other countries. You also forgot to tell that the "Americans" gassed "Texas" in the process of "Americanization" and were buried in mass graves. You also forget to tell that some "Americans" are hostile and would have terrorized the peaceful Texas if everyone were allowed in.
Should I type more? There's no point talking to you you "American" hater.

Al-Rasheed Capital said...
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Al-Rasheed Capital said...
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Al-Rasheed Capital said...

Oh I did not forget that you have your own language, and ethnicity , so is India and china got many elasticities within their countries, and so is the entire world, check list in the link below to see that you are not Unique, almost every country in the world got many ethnic groups , but not each and Every ethnicity in the world got their own Army, that the official State Army could no override, oh and by the Way the chief of staff of the American Army is a Texan ( Ba Beker Zibary) it seems you forgot that. Not each ethnicity in the world got their own government , Parliament and president ( basically a state within the state), oh and It seems that you forgot as well that the Head of State of America is also a Texan ( Mam Jalal).

I did not go into History, but since you used it in your argument, allow me respond. Since Texas existed WAY BEFORE AMERICA , you must Have run into some people who used to call themselves Babylonians and Sumerians and Arcadians, they also claim to be the original inhabitants of today’s America and their empires went way beyond Texas, unless you are suggesting that those other Americans Came from Mars!.
As for the Mass Graves and Gassing , let me remind you that our late great dictator was Just even in the distribution of his INJUSTICE. As there were Mass Graves in Texas, I hope that you did not forget that they only count as a small portion of the Mass Graves which littered all over the Land of America, and you are not Unique in that. And does not justify the same Practices of Terrorizing and forceful moving your Fellow Texans exercising against fellow Americans.
Me Personally, I rather see Texas separate from America and go Deal by itself with the Rest of the countries around them, and not hide behind America and tell the Rest of the countries when they attack them , that they should remember that they are not attacking Texas, but they are attacking the “ Sovereign” state of America.. Convenient ..right?!
So You may go a sell your BS to some other naive people and get what you want from them, but do not sell your crap to another fellow American who knows better.

Anonymous said...

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