Monday, 30 April 2007


For those who do not know what I'm Talking about, the American Army announced that they will be building a concrete wall that separates the Sonni Dominated city of A'adhamyia in Baghdad from the Entire shiat Dominated Eastern Part of Baghdad. The Americans, and the Shiat dominated Iraqi government are claiming that this wall is a "protective security wall and Not a separation wall".

Through out what I will state now, I think you will come to the same conclusion that I have reached which is that all of this is a big Piece of Crap.

According to the American and Iraqi Security forces, this wall was built in order to protect the People of A'adhmayia from Car bombs and Militias attacks as well. Can any body tell me when was the Last bombed car in A'adhmyia??? And when was the Last Militia attack in A'adhmyia taking place?? For I could not remember the last time there was a bombed car in A'adhmyia ( it was like several Months ago). And the Last Militia attack on A'adhmyia took place at Al-Ja'afri government when Solagh was still the Minister of interior, which is way over a year ago.

I'm Not saying that A'adhmyia is the Virtues city, for there are lots of criminal gangs that are killing people there ( especially Shiat) and Now the Islamic State of Iraq ( another Name for Al-Qayida) has moved in Town and started to kill all the other insurgency organizations in A'adhamyia.

To say that this wall is to protect the people of Aadhmyia is a lie, it is simply that the Government is not able to get there to root out the terrorism there, and at the same time they do not want terrorism to spread out to the rest of the city. The government has simply tagged the entire city of A'adhmayia with Terrorism, which is outrageous and it also shows how incompetent this government is in cracking down terrorism.

So the solution they came up with is that they just imprison the whole city there and let every one eat the other. And they stay out of it. So much for law enforcement security plan!. This is just another phase of tagging the sonnies with Terrorism, something the Iraqi People do not approve but the sectarian government is doing that. And do not be surprised if another Wall emerged separating the Shiat dominated Kadhumyia city from the rest of the sonni dominated western part of Baghdad.

Just one question, if those walls are to protect people from Bombed car why they do not put one around Karada where bombed cars explode at least twice a week.

With all those divisions the government make, they claim that they are all for a reconciliation…..Right!! A separation wall or a protection wall it is still a wall.

Friday, 27 April 2007


Hi, since I'm a journalist and also a resident of war torn Iraq. and since I have been seeing lots of things which I feel allegiant to the city which I was born, raised and grown loving, that Is Baghdad. I decided to put down my thoughts and sightings of what is going on in Iraq in General and Baghdad in particular . hope you will be able to see Baghdad through the eyes of some one who consider him self to be one among millions of Baghdad's Lovers.