Monday, 30 July 2007

The Lions of Mesopotamia

First I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to the Real Iraqi Team the Soccer team the only people who are carrying the Iraqi flag on their chest and really work for the sake of Iraq. They are the only people who know what it means that their flag is raised high. It means that their team Effort did not go in vain.

That is said, let us talk now on the Match's after math. First as the the Saudi people started to congratulate the Iraqi people for their win and achievement, the sectarian minded people in Iraq started to chant that " against the Wahabists ( the sonni sect in Saudi) this cup is a shiat". And they say that the others are sectarian!.

The prime minister rushed to reward this team and so did the Iraqi president and no matter what they give them it is not enough, but they have no credit in creating this team. This was the same team which got the Asia youngsters champion ships before the invasion and Uday Saddam Hussein back then decided that this will be the next Olympic team. All the players, but one, are not playing in the Iraqi local league, for they play in clubs all over the region and the world. For the Iraqi football league is now only played in the North of Iraq.

The Iraqi team and the fans who risked their lives when they went out in the streets celebrating and carrying the Iraqi flag, because they were happy for their country. While the Kurdish Security forces in their Kurdistan, confiscated the Iraqi flag and they did not allow any flag to be raised other than their Kurdish flag and not the Iraqi Flag. And then when they get threatened by Turkey they would say that you are not threatening Kurdistan you are threatening Iraq. Well I think it is shameful that they pull out the Iraq Card when ever it is convenient and put it back when it is not, especially when they are practicing a Constitutional violation by filtering those who are allowed into Kurdistan and those who are not. There are like border check points in which they would send back those whom they do not like in Kurdistan ( mostly the Arabs) unless there is some one inside who would sponsor them. This is a violation of the very the constitution that they have voted for and now raising hell against the delay of Article 140 of normalizing the situation in Kirkuk and threatening with a civil war.

Every Body said that the Iraqi Team united the Iraqi people behind them and did what the politicians failed to do which is bringing the Iraqis together. I think the Correct statement is that the Iraqi National team fixed what the politicians are trying to do which is dividing the already United Iraqi people.


Trajan Octavian Titus said...

Congragulations, may it be a sign of things to come, IE an Iraq not only of freedom but also of strength.

Matt said...

Read this on Monday but am just now posting a comment. Sorry for my long hiatus my friend! Congratluations to all Iraqis! You guys have something to be truly proud of! Live it up!

berto said...

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