Sunday, 1 June 2008


For the past 2 days, I have been watching a DVD called “ Hitler- the rise of Evil”. It talks about the rise of the most notorious dictator that the world ever known. As an Iraqi, who lived in Iraq for the past 3 decades, I could not help but notice the remarkable resemblance between the realities I lived, and still living in this little country called Iraq.

I still remember the striking resemblance between the German dictator and our own home grown dictator, Saddam Hussein. The police state he created and the Militarized society and the wars that brought disasters to Iraq and to the entire region. The liberties which were frozen, and most importantly, the psychopath manner of ruling. The one and only feared leader to whom we are supposed to sacrifice our “ souls and blood”.

Ironically, that dictator was removed by almost the same Allies, USA and UK ( with the absence of if not rejection of Russia and Free France) .

This was the most obvious resemblance that any one watching the movie can see. The other resemblance is that those 2 dictators are now long gone and only became part of history and became subjects for historians to study and derive lessons from those eras.

But the lesson that we did not learn is that dictators could come from democratic states and even through elections.

Moqttada Al-Sader another psychopath, just like Hitler managed to get 25 seats in Parliament, after democracy was introduced into Iraq. His SAS ( the Mahdi Army) managed to strengthen its grip on the entire nation, and made every one in Iraq forced to deal with this 28 year old retard , and even giving him 6 ministerial portfolios in the first elected Iraqi Government.

Just like Chancellor Hitler, Moqttada knew how to use democracy for his benefit and put the entire country captive to his will. …Lesson Learned??!!!

You might think that such resemblance is only applicable to little countries like Germany or Iraq, where democracy was only young.

Adolf Hitler decleared “Ability act” after the building of the Reichstag (German parliament) was burnt by a supposedly Dutch communist. Rings any bells? Something like the “Patriot Act” announced by President Bush after 9/11, were some liberties were “ frozen” during the “War on terrorism”.

The DVD end s with a remarkable quotation of the Anglo- Irish statesman, Edmund Burke( 1729 -1797) saying “ the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” . I hope by writing this blog I did something.