Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Reconciliation Vs Revenge

Primer Minister Maliki asked President Bush to hand over the Iraqi Government the defendants on the Anffal Case, who were sentenced to death, and who are still in the custody of the United States authorities, so that they Iraqi Government could execute them. PM Maliki is saying that, the reason behind his request is because not executing them is a Violation of the law since he is the executive authority and that he should execute the verdict within 30 days from the Verdict gets its final stage, which was a while ago. The defendants are the notorious Chemical Ali, Sultan Hashim Ahmed ( former Minister of Defense ) and Hussein Rasheed who is also a former Iraqi Army commander.

It is nice and really assuring that Prime Minster Maliki is so Keen that the law and Justice takes its coarse, we are all for it 100%, but to be selective in which verdicts and which laws should be a priority is another issue.

Do not get me wrong for I’m not defending Chemical Ali , God forbids, for he is even worst than his cousin Saddam. but to chose this verdict to execute against all the calls which are calling to pardon the former Defense Minster since he was a Military man following orders during a time of war, otherwise he would be executed without even a court marshal. Yet Mr. Maliki is so keen that this verdict must be executed.

Meanwhile, many families in Iraq have lost their houses, because they were driven out of it and many people who fled the country because of the violence returned to find that there are people who have taken over their houses. Those who were urged by the Iraqi government to return back to Iraq, and they were provided with a free ride back by buses from Syria and they were paid 600$ per family and 200$ per person. Yet this 600$ could only pay the rent for 2 months, while they figure out a way to get their houses back.

I heard of some people who were driven out of their houses and they moved to other neighborhoods and took over some of the abandoned houses in those neighborhoods. Defiantly they do not have to pay rent and this will be so convenient for them in the middle of this lawlessness.

This is not the case with individual families; there are tens if not hundreds of them. In the middle of all that, where are the police? Where are the courts and where is the entire executive authority, which is so concerned over the prevail of law and order. The Iraqi people know very well that executing people like Sultan Hashim Ahmed, who enjoys a very good reputation as a professional Military man, is just another chapter of revenge form all those who fought Iran. Many of the Iraqi fighter pilots and bombers have already been assassinated, and so many Iraqi Military commanders.

If you do not know who is Sultan Hashim Ahmed , he is the Minister of Defense who negotiated the end of the gulf war 1n 1991 with US Army general Schwatrtscof.

Such simple things give an indication to the Iraqi people, what are the priorities of the Iraqi government. Is it reconstruction? Reconciliation or is it revenge?.

I would like to ask Mr. Maliki, if you are so concerned over your statues as the executer and protector of law, why you don’t get those hundreds of house which are being looted, and burnt daily, back to their rightful owners. And one more thing Mr, Guardian of the law and order, how come that services and food ration materials were better during Saddam’s time when the price of oil was 17$ – 18$ dollars, while now it has greatly deteriorated and you are now thinking of Canceling the Food Ration, when the price of oil has went over 90$???!!!