Monday, 30 July 2007

The Lions of Mesopotamia

First I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to the Real Iraqi Team the Soccer team the only people who are carrying the Iraqi flag on their chest and really work for the sake of Iraq. They are the only people who know what it means that their flag is raised high. It means that their team Effort did not go in vain.

That is said, let us talk now on the Match's after math. First as the the Saudi people started to congratulate the Iraqi people for their win and achievement, the sectarian minded people in Iraq started to chant that " against the Wahabists ( the sonni sect in Saudi) this cup is a shiat". And they say that the others are sectarian!.

The prime minister rushed to reward this team and so did the Iraqi president and no matter what they give them it is not enough, but they have no credit in creating this team. This was the same team which got the Asia youngsters champion ships before the invasion and Uday Saddam Hussein back then decided that this will be the next Olympic team. All the players, but one, are not playing in the Iraqi local league, for they play in clubs all over the region and the world. For the Iraqi football league is now only played in the North of Iraq.

The Iraqi team and the fans who risked their lives when they went out in the streets celebrating and carrying the Iraqi flag, because they were happy for their country. While the Kurdish Security forces in their Kurdistan, confiscated the Iraqi flag and they did not allow any flag to be raised other than their Kurdish flag and not the Iraqi Flag. And then when they get threatened by Turkey they would say that you are not threatening Kurdistan you are threatening Iraq. Well I think it is shameful that they pull out the Iraq Card when ever it is convenient and put it back when it is not, especially when they are practicing a Constitutional violation by filtering those who are allowed into Kurdistan and those who are not. There are like border check points in which they would send back those whom they do not like in Kurdistan ( mostly the Arabs) unless there is some one inside who would sponsor them. This is a violation of the very the constitution that they have voted for and now raising hell against the delay of Article 140 of normalizing the situation in Kirkuk and threatening with a civil war.

Every Body said that the Iraqi Team united the Iraqi people behind them and did what the politicians failed to do which is bringing the Iraqis together. I think the Correct statement is that the Iraqi National team fixed what the politicians are trying to do which is dividing the already United Iraqi people.

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Another letter

Hi. the follwoing is another Letter that I wanted to share with you. hope you find it informative . I talked about the sectarian warfare in Iraq, politics and oil. hope you like it and I would be interested to hear your comments.

" ...there are No problems among Iraqis ( as people) whither they are sonnies, shiat, Kurds or Turkmmen. the problem is that the Iraqi politics after 9/4/2003 was built on sectarian and ethnic bases. When you bring Kurdish parties and Shiat parties and Soni Parties you are building politics on sectarian and ethnic bases. They are not social parties or liberal democrat parties. So it became a matter of Rivalry between sects and when there are elections there would be winners and losers.
The Bases on which the whole political process is wrong. Iraqis were not at each other's throat before the war,
but they became like that when sectarian polarizations started and each sect felt threatened by the other.
The American administration is the one who laid those bases and after the structure came up they discovered the grave mistake they made and now they have to put down that Ugly structure that they have been building and supporting for 4 years and start from the scratch, which is making them face tow options the sweetest of which is bitter. either to keep it as ugly as it is or bring it down and start all over again.
As for the Oil, in order to invest that oil you need a safe atmosphere. The Importance of the Iraqi oil lies in 3 crucial facts.1st, according to the oil excavations ( which stopped in the 70s of the last century), Iraq is the 2nd largest oil reserve in the world After Saudia Arabia ( which means it could easily be number one, once we really figure out how much oil we actually got).The point is that we have lots of oil. 2nd the Iraqi oil is cheap and easy to get out from the ground. 3rd, and most importantly, is that the Iraqi oil dose not have to be exported through the Gulf. It could be exported to Europe and the rest of the western world through the Mediterranean , through the pipe lines which gose through Turkey or any other country like Syria. Why all that is important?? because if any gulf country fell in the hand of Extremists or for example Iran wanted to stop all the oil Tankers from getting out of the region by closing the Gulf ( which can easily be done) there would be a global fuel crisis, and then Iraq would be the Safety valve with its abundant, easy to get out and deliverable oil that dose not have to go through the Gulf.
This is the strategic importance of Iraq's oil and that is why the whole world would not mind, not only thousands but even hundred of thousands die to keep that safety valve under control. but the question is HOW??!! and on what expense??

Once again .............please let it be known to you and to all the American people, the Iraqi people are not religious Fanatics, and they are not against the west, other wise you would not find millions of them leaving their dear country and escaping this sectarian and violent hell".

Sunday, 15 July 2007

the American withdraw from Iraq

A friend of Mine from America asked yesterday wither I think that the American Military should leave or not and below you will find My Answer to that question

" ……As for the American army , they should stay. we do not have an Army (just some boy scouts with AK 47on Pick up trucks) no Air force what so ever (not a single fighter jet) only 4 or 6 Hewe Helicopters with no real fire power and only being used to Taxi officers to the south and the north for it is out of the question that they drive through some areas. As for the Government it is totally dysfunctional, no services what so ever and it is getting worst. No law enforcement and the real power in the street is for the insurgency and the Militias, who scares the shit out of the Army and the police . People are being killed and kidnapped in front of the police and the police are doing nothing, either because they are affiliated with them or they simply fear for their life.
Now the Americans are planning to blame it on the Iraqis and just leave. They could not do that for it will simply be punishing the Iraqi people. Those politicians who are now in the Government were brought by the Americans in the first place and now the Iraqis are paying the price and they will be the one bearing the consequences because those people who were brought by the Americans did a bad job. As I see it, they should fix what they destroyed in the first place and then we will be more than happy to see them leave. But to say sorry we have suffered too much in the mess that we have created and we will leave you to handle that mess that we created for you, this is outrageous".

we have a saying in Arabic ( the one who took the donkey up the Minatare, is the one who should brings it down)

This is what I said, and please tell me what you think about it.