Friday, 27 April 2007


Hi, since I'm a journalist and also a resident of war torn Iraq. and since I have been seeing lots of things which I feel allegiant to the city which I was born, raised and grown loving, that Is Baghdad. I decided to put down my thoughts and sightings of what is going on in Iraq in General and Baghdad in particular . hope you will be able to see Baghdad through the eyes of some one who consider him self to be one among millions of Baghdad's Lovers.


I was there.. said...

It is a great thing to have Iraqis, who still live in Baghdad, join the
People needs to know what is going on here and with a good educated people like you, they will have a better understanding to what is really going on in our Baghdad..
Good luck, It is nice to have you as a new Iraqi Bloger, so show them who you are..

I was there..

Peter Davis said...

Thank you for a blog telling us what's really happening now in Baghdad rather than what the "surge" cheerleaders tell us. I covered the war and am glad to see this blog and its straight talk about the wall in Adamiya. This is what should be in our newspapers and on our TV news broadcasts but is not.
Peter Davis

mohamed said...

actually I am proud to have such a friend ,in all that hell around our great Baghdad but he keeping his eye on his job and on his country as one unit , we wish God save him to continue his noble message .

olivebranch said...

very interesting that you get your first comment from I WAS THERE, when he's never around even to comment on his own blog.

Perhaps you two work together.

Keep up the good work..

aka [olivebranch]
The Olivebranch Network

MixMax said...

nice blog...please stay safe, this is the most important thing and above everything, and keep the great work

Thajmode said...

Great thing what you are doing,

Regards from the dominican republic.