Monday, 30 April 2007


For those who do not know what I'm Talking about, the American Army announced that they will be building a concrete wall that separates the Sonni Dominated city of A'adhamyia in Baghdad from the Entire shiat Dominated Eastern Part of Baghdad. The Americans, and the Shiat dominated Iraqi government are claiming that this wall is a "protective security wall and Not a separation wall".

Through out what I will state now, I think you will come to the same conclusion that I have reached which is that all of this is a big Piece of Crap.

According to the American and Iraqi Security forces, this wall was built in order to protect the People of A'adhmayia from Car bombs and Militias attacks as well. Can any body tell me when was the Last bombed car in A'adhmyia??? And when was the Last Militia attack in A'adhmyia taking place?? For I could not remember the last time there was a bombed car in A'adhmyia ( it was like several Months ago). And the Last Militia attack on A'adhmyia took place at Al-Ja'afri government when Solagh was still the Minister of interior, which is way over a year ago.

I'm Not saying that A'adhmyia is the Virtues city, for there are lots of criminal gangs that are killing people there ( especially Shiat) and Now the Islamic State of Iraq ( another Name for Al-Qayida) has moved in Town and started to kill all the other insurgency organizations in A'adhamyia.

To say that this wall is to protect the people of Aadhmyia is a lie, it is simply that the Government is not able to get there to root out the terrorism there, and at the same time they do not want terrorism to spread out to the rest of the city. The government has simply tagged the entire city of A'adhmayia with Terrorism, which is outrageous and it also shows how incompetent this government is in cracking down terrorism.

So the solution they came up with is that they just imprison the whole city there and let every one eat the other. And they stay out of it. So much for law enforcement security plan!. This is just another phase of tagging the sonnies with Terrorism, something the Iraqi People do not approve but the sectarian government is doing that. And do not be surprised if another Wall emerged separating the Shiat dominated Kadhumyia city from the rest of the sonni dominated western part of Baghdad.

Just one question, if those walls are to protect people from Bombed car why they do not put one around Karada where bombed cars explode at least twice a week.

With all those divisions the government make, they claim that they are all for a reconciliation…..Right!! A separation wall or a protection wall it is still a wall.


Treasure of Baghdad said...

Hey there,

Congratulations on your new blog. I can't wait to read more.

As for the wall, I don't know whose stupid person's idea it was. If insurgents blew up entire apartment buildings with people inside, do you think it's hard for them to destroy this wall and go to the other side? They blew up a huge bridge for God's sake!

What a shame on this damn government. What a shame!

I was there.. said...

Good start “Great Baghdad”, if you noticed, both Sadr city and Adhamiyah people, protested against it, while, the Americans said it would protect each side from the other side, so why both sides did not want the Wall, is it so they can go out and kill each other or because they know things we do not know?
By the way, Adhamiyah Wall’s will run for 5000 meters and it will cost 10 million Dollars according to the owner of one of the concrete blocks factories as it costs 1500 dollars for every block.
There will be 10 walls like this, which will run for 50 thousand meters and will cost 100 million dollars including the barbed wires, transporting and installing costs.
The owner of this concrete factory said that they have to pay big bribes and commissions to people inside the green zone and to translators who work with them to win these contracts, “People make benefits for the others miseries”
I know about this because,
I was there..

24 Steps to Liberty said...

Mabrook, Mabrook
It is about the time to start telling us how it is there. I think this will be a great blog. Just keep the good job you are doing every day and give this some time too.
I'll be reading you. Watch it!

Jon Claerbout said...

I'm not saying this wall is good or bad because I don't know. But you might find it informative to read the minds of people who give this considerable thought. Visit Small Wars Journal and check this:

Jon Claerbout said...

I'll try again to give the link:
Small Wars Journal

annie said...

hello baghdad!

thank you for starting a blog. please stay safe.

i am so sorry about the horrible so sorry.

Al-Rasheed Capital said...
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Al-Rasheed Capital said...

Dear Jon Claerbout,

This is exactly what frustrates me. To be Tagged as an extremist and terrorist just because I'm from the wrong sect. This is the Message that this wall sends to the people in A'adhamyia and the whole Iraqi people.
It is just like Calling the Sonnies terrorists when they go and kill people while they Call the Shiat Militias when they do the Same thing if not more.
Believe me it is really despicable to talk in terms of Shiat and Sonnies for I'm both, Half Sonni Half Shiat, like Many Iraqis. But what's wrong is wrong.

dancewater said...

I like your comments, and will quote you on the blog Iraq Today, which is at

I may link to future posts too.

Keep up the good work and you are right:
what's wrong is wrong.

makes no difference who is doing it either!!

moonlitetwine said...

So, my country, The USA, is now spending how much money on building a concrete wall?

To be sure, we must be the stupidest people. That or there is some financial benefit, overall.

While my country continues to fall because of our country's leadership, Bagdad, too, continues to be subjegated by us.

Elise said...

Good post.