Tuesday, 29 January 2008


Few Days ago, the “Iraqi” parliament passed a law to change the Iraqi Flag. The presidency council ratified that law today and it will become valid starting from the day it is published in the Iraqi Gazette.

I will review with you the history of this particular flag and the reasons behind changing it and also behind my own reservation over that particular change.

If you have read previous posts on this blog , you will see that I have mentioned more than once that the Kurds refuse to raise the Iraqi flag over their “region” under the pretext that the Iraqi Army was carrying that flag when they attacked the Kurds.

The new flag, which the parliament approved, simply removed the 3 green stars from the old Iraqi flag and kept the words ( Allah Akbar) which means (God is great).

Now, first of all the only countries which has the word Allah ( or God) on their Flag in the region( if not the entire world as far as I know) are the Islamic theocracies, Iran And Saudi Arabia. Dose that mean that now we are the 3rd Islamic theocracy in the region?

The words ( Allah Akbar) were introduce to the Iraqi flag in 1991 by Saddam Hussein when he went into war with America in the 1991 gulf war, in an attempt to win over the Islamic world. Before that, the Iraqi flag was simply red on the top, then whit and the bottom is Black and 3 green stars in the Middle .

The green stars were originally placed there for the proposed, but never-consummated, union of Iraq with Egypt and Syria (United Arab Republic), which both had flags with two stars in the middle at the time. Theirs would have presumably changed into three had the union with Iraq been accomplished. By 1961, however, the Union between Syria and Egypt had already fallen apart.

Then Saddam changed the meaning of the 3 stars to signify the three goals of the Ba’ath Party (Unity, freedom and socialism), that was when he introduced the words ( God is Great) into the Iraqi Flag in 1991, with his own hand writing.

So as you see, the Kurds are not upset because this flag was raised by the Iraqi Army when they were massacred, for thousands of Iraqis also died in order that this flag is not to be brought down, but because of its pan – Arab back ground.

The Kurds changed it because they were facing a dilemma. They will be hosting the Arab parliamentarians meeting in Arbil soon. Since the Kurds refuse to raise the Iraqi flag, and since the Arab Parliamentarians will not approve that they would not see an Iraqi flag raised in the Kurdish region of Iraq, the Kurds pressured into changing the Iraqi flag, and having a temporary Ffag for one year( just to get them through this ordeal) and this is what actually happened.

Once I heard of the new flag, which came suddenly and we were surprised to see, the first thing that came to my mind “ how could they do that?!”. If you wanted to change the flag and get rid of Saddam’s trace on the flag, then remove the words of (God is Great) from the flag and change the meanings of the 3 stars. But to remove the stars, which are the old Characteristics of the Flag, and keeping the Saddam addition of ( God is great) is really uncalled for.

My own conservation over the old Flag (with the words God is Great) is that it is significantly Islamic. No Iraqi Christian or other religious minority could relate to this flag, which is supposed to represent every Iraqi.

This is not the first attempt to change the Iraqi flag after the US led invasion of Iraq. The Governing council, which was set up by the Coalition Provincial Authority (CPA), came out with a

proposed flag in 2004 but it was immediately rejected. The Iraqi people thought that it was too similar to the Israeli flag.

Couple of Days ago, the Kurdish MP Mahmoud Uthman, said on Al-Arabyia TV that the Iraqi people, represented by the parliament members, whom they have elected, are the one who chose this one year flag. He denied what was mentioned on the web sites that the Iraqi people are not welcoming the new flag and that there has been voices coming out rejecting and not recognizing that new flag and that they are holding to the old one.

As a sign of protest and defiance, I fitted today the old Iraqi Flag (with the 3 stars and God is Great) on my car to express my rejection to the new flag and also to see what the reaction of the people would be. The first reaction was from a guy who guards a check point who gave me a thumb up. Another guy asked if it is the new flag and then he checked it and unintentionally exclaimed “oh no it is our flag”.

I got to the house after driving around Baghdad with the flag on my car. I was not alone in doing so, for many of the police cars had the old flag on it as well (one of the police cars had even 3 of them). Once I got to the house my mother saw the flag and she said that I should take it off “because it is an act against the government” My mother said. “Well the Kurds did not raise the official flag of the state and raised another one instead and they are part of the Government” I replied. Then she said “people would think that you are a Saddamist”. “This is the Flag of Iraq and not Saddam’s Flag” my reply was.

I believe if we do not do something about it, then they will change even the name of Iraq, especially now we are hearing form Fouad Ma’asom, another Kurdish member of parliament that there was not something called Iraq up until recently.


This is an update of the reactions I’m receiving on the second day of raising the Iraqi Flag.

well, there are More thumbs up today.

First of all I drove through the hot A’adhayia main street in Baghdad today, and the majority of cars, bikes, Motor cycles and trucks were doing exactly the same thing I’m doing, which is raising the old Iraqi flag. you would see it every were,on the buildings or even at the checkpoints maned by the US military backed Awakening ( or concerned citizens) and their tents.

In order to prove that the rejection of the new flag is not a strictly sonni position, a shiat guard ( I know he is shiat because he guards one of the main offices of the Shiat endowments) stopped me at a check point. Usually, since the check point is at a side street, they would ask me where I’m going. Today he immediately said “since you are raising this flag, go ahead, with God’s blessing”. Another shiat neighbor asked me when she saw the flag “ what! Are you a Sadrist Now”? Meaning that I have joined the group of the radical shiat clergyman Moqttada Al-Sadr. “No this is the Flag of Iraq not Moqttada Al-Sadr’s flag” my answer was.

The reason why my neighbor thought that I joined the Sadr movement is that, last March 15th , Moqttada Al-Sadr ordered his followers to raise the Iraqi flag every where in Iraq, as an act of defiance and rejection to the American occupation in the 4th anniversary of the war on Iraq. The streets of Baghdad became so glamorous when they were filled with the Iraqi flags. Yet, this dose not make the Flag exclusively Sadrist, Ba’athists, shiat, sonnies, Arabs or Kurds. It is still the Iraqi flag.

Day 8

I need not to say that I’m receiving more thumbs-up throughout my travels in the streets of Baghdad. Last Saturday, a Man, in his lat 30s, got his body out of the window of a car up to his waist and he was cheering for me when he saw the flag on my car. Couple of Days ago they raised the New Iraqi flag in front of the convention center, which houses the parliament right now, and it was done quietly. Well since the parliament is the one who passed the law so they should follow it , this is natural and a sensible thing to do, regardless of what I think of that step in the first place.

Today, the Prime minister raised the new flag over his office and gave an order that the new flag should be raised over all the Iraqi Ministries and public offices. No problem with that so far. The problem is when the Prime Minister and the official spokesperson of the Government, Dr.Ali Al-Dabagh, open their mouths to utter the most irritating things.

First the PM said that everybody should raise this new Flag and that “No other Flag should be raised”. He claimed that it is the “democratic” thing to do and this is a matter of respect for the state. Ok, I have one Question, where was Mr. tough, decisive, firm, strong and steady fast Maliki, when the Iraqi flag has no trace to be found in the three Northern Iraqi provinces. Not even when he would visit the region, they would not raise the Iraqi flag in his presence. Why was not he so firm and defended the statues of the Iraqi state??!!

Then he uttered the most stupid thing. “Those 3 stars, which represent the Unity, Freedom and Socialism, those miserable goals”Maliki Said. It is true that they were the declared goals of the Ba’ath Party, yet they as goals by themselves are far from Miserable. I do not think that we do not need Unity at the time being, Unless Mr. Maliki prefers that people remain in Iraq at each other’s throat. As for Freedom, we know where those religious parties stand from such a goal. As for socialism, well you may have the right to agree or disagree with it, depending on your political and Ideological view ….in case you have any.

Then the government spokesperson opened his mouth. “Well if they want to link themselves to the old regime, they may do so” Ali Al-Dabagh Said. So if you defend the symbol of your country, the dearest thing to any patriot, for which many people died defending, then you are from the old regime. Next we will hear that Saddam was the leader of Iraq, and then there should be no Iraq. And since Saddam used to Role the Iraqi people then there should be no Iraqi people and no one should say I’m an Iraqi, because that would mean that you are pro- Saddam. You should say that you are a shait, Sonni, Kurd, Arab, Yazidi, Muslim , Christian, Turkmen or Shebek, but not Iraqi. Unity is a “miserable goal” as you know.

Feb - 24th

Today I was walking down the Mutanabi street, the Famous open air market for books and Stationeries in Baghdad. As you go through the market and Pass by the shops, you will find a large number of Iraqi flags ( the old one) openly displayed for sell. They are in different sizes . one shop had the old Iraqi flag on the right side and the new one on the left .

Since the area is one of the areas which is jointly protected by the Iraqi Army and the Awakening ( Sahwa) forces, or what the American Military calls " the concerned citizens", you can see a large number of the old Iraqi flags hanging every where, since the Awakening forces clearly said that they do not recognize the new Flag and that they are holding to the Old one " this is the State's flag while this one is ours" Said Ali Hatem Al-Salamn the sheikh of the Big Dulaimi tribe, and the senior Figure at the Iraqi Salvation council which established the awakening forces, in a recent TV interview.

It was not a surprise to me to see the golden statue of the old nationalistic Iraqi poet, Ma'arouf Al-Russafi, holding the old Iraqi Flag on his right arm, while his Back is riddled with Bullet holes from recent clashes in the area. And you almost can hear him recite couple of verses from one of his poems, which he wrote during the English occupation of Iraq

" علم ودستور ومجلس امة = كل عن المعنى الصحيح محرف
اسماء ليس لنا سوى الفاظها =اما معانيها فليست تعرف

"A flag, a Constitution and a Parliament, each has its meaning twisted.

Merely uttered words, while its meanings are unknown".


Treasure of Baghdad said...

Like you said, I mentioned on my blog and several other blogs that Saddam's imprint is still evidently there! The Kurds did not achieve what they wanted!!

The funniest part is that this flag is going to be changed AGAIN!!!!! As if it's a game.

iwasthere said...

It is not all the Kurd who do not want the Iraqi Flag, it is only Masood Barazani, and we the other 27 million Iraqis must go with what he wants, even though that Barazani let the Iraqi Army fought Talabani's people in Erbil under the same flag when he killed thousands of Kurds and he still having Erbil because of that fighting..
We should not allow this to happen and the respected countries never changed their flag; I do not think that Germany changed their flag after Hitler; and since the reunification of Germany on 1990-10-03, the black-red-gold tricolor has remained as the flag of the united German nation.
Even though that Nazis added a white color but they did not change the main tricolor flag.
They think it is Saddam's flag and this is why they wants to change it, but it is Iraq flag not Saddam and if so, I think it is a victory for Saddam because the words of Allah Akbar that he added still there and they removed the 3 stars that he did not put it on the Iraqi Flag.
One day, when an Iraqi tough honest government will take over, and if any one of the Kurd officials will threaten to separate from Iraq,and the government will tell them "Go ahead and separate and show me how you will live alone with out Iraq in the middle of enemies, which they will not be able to fight them alone, just like when Turkey attacked them recently, then they will raise and respect the Flag that Iraqis wants, one day.
The Kurd should learn how to make the other Iraqis like them and respect them and not to create enemies every day, because they can not live with out Iraq and they should not forget that they are part of Iraq and Saddam is gone..
The Americans will not keep on supporting them for good and they saw that when the Turk attacked them recently..
I know about that because,

I was there..

Mister Ghost said...

Why not have a contest where Iraqi school children submit say five different flag designs and then let Iraqi citizens vote for the one they like best? This would be true Democracy and Nationalism in action.
And the lucky school child whose design is adopted as the next flag of Iraq, they win an all expenses paid trip to Tehran, where they can meet Iraq's new leaders. :)

Jeffrey said...

Mister Ghost,

And the lucky school child whose design is adopted as the next flag of Iraq, they win an all expenses paid trip to Tehran, where they can meet Iraq's new leaders. :)

In my best Austin Powers imitation: Oh, beHAVE!


Al-Rasheed said...

Why Sending him to Tehran to meet the leaders, when the leaders of Tehran are already here, either in person or through envoys, ruling the entire country and giving the Americans really hard time. other wise, I do not think that this is the Model of the New Iraq the Americans had in mind when they first came in.

CMAR II said...

[Great Baghdad] So as you see, the Kurds are not upset because this flag was raised by the Iraqi Army when they were massacred, for thousands of Iraqis also died in order that this flag is not to be brought down, but because of its pan – Arab back ground.

Why is Pan-Arabism not a valid reason for a Kurdish Iraqi to be offended by the flag? Wouldn't YOU be offended by a flag that implied only Kurds were "true" Iraqis?

I'm surprised --since you were supposed to be talking about the history of Iraq's flag-- that you didn't mention that the Pan-Arab flag was instituted in 1963 after a coup by AMERICA'S man in Iraq. Why not just have the flag return to Iraq's flag just before that?

Al-Rasheed said...

I'm Upset because the Minority ( the Kurds) are changing every thing ( wither Iraqi or Arab). and we have to follow because the 20% Kurds Said so. we have to delay the Budget because the Kurds want the Iraqi Government to pay Salaries to their 120 000 Peashmerga.let them delay the Oil law because they want their own shear from the total production of Iraq and they have total control over their oil. they change the Flag because it says that Iraq is an Arab country. and now they want even change the Name of Iraq because there was not any thing called Iraq up till recently.
well, to put an end to all that, let them Have their own country Kurdistan and get separated from Iraq so that they do not mess up the whole country for the remaining over 80% of the Arab Iraqi people. and good luck in surviving for 6 months. Because, wither they like it or not, Iraq was an Still an Arab Country

CMAR II said...

[al-rasheed] I'm Upset because the Minority ( the Kurds) are changing every thing ...them Have their own country Kurdistan and get separated from Iraq so that they do not mess up the whole country for the remaining over 80% of the Arab Iraqi people...Because, wither they like it or not, Iraq was an Still an Arab Country

1) It is probably a big surprise to the Assyrians and Turkomen, as well as the Kurds, that Iraq is an Arab country. Yes, its majority Arab, but its also majority Shi'a. Is Iraq a Shi'a country?

2) Kurdistan is the only part of Iraq that has not been messed up until recently. Now that the insurgency has collapsed and Iraqi isn't expected to imminently break apart, some Arab Iraqis have gotten a little cocky. They have decided that they have the upper hand over the Kurds. They think the Kurds need Iraq more than the rest of Iraq needs the Kurds. They are wrong. Iraq needs the Kurds' secularism and experience in democratic government. And Iraq can't afford to have Syria, Turkey, and Iran in open war with Kurds on their northern border. So, Arabs should drop the phony cockiness.

3) It is true that Kurds have shown themselves more adept at democratic politics (coalition building and such) than their Arab countrymen. For the last four years, the Sunni Arabs (also 20% of the population) have insisted on having THEIR way and to get it they used the doomed methods of insurgency and burning their own country down out spite. It would have been better if they had done what the Kurds did to gain what they wanted.

Al-Rasheed said...

1. Iraq is an Arab country and it has been so for decades if not centuries, and no one had problem with that. Assyrians and Turkmen and all other Minorities had their rights, and coexisted really well, up till 2003.
2. Could you explain to me how the Arabs became “ Coky” when the Kurds are doing what ever they want and No Arab dears to say any thing to them? ! and How the rest of Iraq needs the Kurds Exactly. Are we the ones who are screaming the Kurdistan Is Part of Iraq when Turkish troops crossed over to teach the Kurds a lesson and to remind them what could happen to them if they ever decided to create their own country, or is it they who just remembered that Kurdistan is part Iraq and any incursion on Kurdistan is a violation of the Iraqi Sovereignty?! Or as MP Sami Al-Askari said “they only remember that when it is convenient”.
3. Let me remind you that Iraq has been secular since the first day it was established as a modern state. And when it was first established up till the 60s it was a beacon for democracy and an impressive model of developing country. Iraq only became a theocracy, when the American troops set foot on it, and “liberated” it. And all what I can say is that wait till the next elections and you will see how the “Coky” Iraqis have learnt their lesson very well, and they will teach it to the Democratic Kurds.
4. It seems that it was the fault of the Coky Iraqis that they did not treat the Kurds in the Same manner they are treated in the other parts of the region where they only dream to be called Kurds, Have Kurdish Names, and they did not call Iraq the Arab republic of Iraq.

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Anonymous said...

Iraq? what Iraq, there is no more Iraq and will never be.
Iraq is just a memmory nothing else.
Saddam is gone and new Saddams are trying to take the chair by any means,its been now almost 5 years what was done? NOTHING.
New flag, old flag, just colours nothing more, all Iraqis are lost into the world.

assyrianguy411 said...

I think they should take off the Allah Akbar and change the Red Stripe (on top) to Black and the Black Stripe (on bottom) to Green and in the middle have the star from the Assyrian Flag and in arabic "God is Great" on either side of the star. and 2 blue lines one below the black stripe and one above the green strip representing the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. I think this flag would be a good idea because it represents the Assryians/Chaldeans, Arabs, Muslims, and Kurds. It would be perfect.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if your Iraqi, or not but learn this. MOST OF IRAQ ARE MUSLIMS.The christian minority are less than 1% Allah Akbar must say, even through Saddam Hussain added it, but the words are not his. This is a muslim county and were proud of it. Allah Akbar

Al-Rasheed said...

Dear Sir,

I can assure that I'm 100% Iraqi. there are other religions in Iraq other than Muslims and Christians. the Iraqi flag should be representing all the Iraqis and not a certain majority. Would you still have loyalty to your Flag if you were a Muslim and the flag Carried the cross? would you still have loyalty to your flag and consider it that it represent you if you were an Arab in it had Kurdish , Turkman or Shabak Symbols? I bet not. the Iraqi flag should unite us not divide us.
Fe Amman Allah.

Anonymous said...

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